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Jamaican: A native or inhabitant of jamaica

Jamerican [juh-mer-i kuhn]: An american of jamaican birth or ancestry

jamerican creations: a provider of all your graphic design needs

Welcome to Jamerican Creations. My mom is Jamaican and my dad is American which makes me A Jamerican.

Born and raised in Detroit, I fell in love with art at a young age. For many years, I remember taking drawing and painting classes on the weekends. After a few years of working at non-profit, I decided to pursue my graphic design degree at Wayne State University.

In 2010 I founded Jamerican Creations. I specialize in logo and identity design, marketing collateral and special event materials. I have participated in the AIGA Design for Good Impact 48 and AdCraft of Detroit hello:Detroit programs.

I’m currently enrolled in Google’s User Experience (UX) Design course through Coursera. Learning UX design will allow me to further help my clients.

Contact me at info@jamericancreations.com